Online Poster Session

All participants are warmly encouraged to submit a 1-page abstract upon registration to participate in the online interactive poster session, which be hosted on the virtual environment . The deadline for submitting a poster abstract is May 5th. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within two years of they PhD award may choose to apply for the OSA Early Career Best Poster Competition (ECBPC). kindly sponsored by OSA. Guidelines for poster preparation may be found here, and a description of the platform can be found here.


We would like to emphasize that presenters are strongly encouraged to attend to their posters during their presenting session, in order to make the most of the opportunity to present and discuss their work with attendees. Where necessary/possible, different co-authors can alternate in presenting the work, unless the main author is participating in the ECBPC, although exceptional mitigating circumstances will be accounted for (e.g. childcare). The poster session is divided into two sub-sessions, each 45 minutes long, in order to allow all poster presenters to attend other posters as well.