Accepted posters

Here you can review the titles and authors of all the posters accepted to be presented on the interactive session on June 30th.

Wave frequency conversion cascade by iterative space-time projections

Benjamin Apffel

Antonin Eddi 

Emmanuel Fort

Amplification of Waves from a Rotating Absorber

Marion Cromb

Graham M. Gibson

Ermes Toninelli

Miles J. Padgett

Ewan M. Wright

Daniele Faccio

Temporally Modulated Non-Hermitian Optical Systems

Zeki Hayran

Francesco Monticone

Spatiotemporal plane wave expansion method for photonic materials with arbitrary space-time periodicity

Jagang Park

Bumki Min

Transmission of Antireflection Temporal Coatings

Wending Mai

Jingwei Xu

Douglas H. Werner

Controlling Chemical Reactions Using Polariton Condensates

Pannir Sivajothi SS

Campos-Gonzalez-Angulo JA

Martínez-Martínez LA

Sinha S

Yuen-Zhou J

Molecular Optomechanical Springs for Infrared Metasurface Detectors

Angelos Xomalis

Xuezhi Zheng

Rohit Chikkaraddy

Jeremy J. Baumberg

Nanostructure Monoclinic VO2 Surface Coupling and StrainInduced Optical Modulation on Van der Waals MoS2-Si Heterostructure

Mohamed A. Basyooni

Quantum walk of a BEC in momentum space

Michele Delvecchio

Sandro Wimberger

Experimental validation of passive nonreciprocal acoustics in viscous environment

Hyeonu Heo

Yurii Zubov

Dmitrii Shymkiv

Ezekiel Walker

Arkadii Krokhin

Arup Neogi

Temporal Photonic (Time) Crystal with a Square Profiles of Both Permittivity and Permeability

José Gabriel Gaxiola-Luna

Peter Halevi

Reconfigurable Covid 19 Virus detection via THz metasurfaces

Abhirupa Saha

Controlling two-photon emission from superluminal and accelerating index changes

Jamison Sloan

Nicholas Rivera

John D. Joannopoulos

Marin Soljacic

Space-Time Modulated Metasurfaces with Finite Stixel Size: Three Operation Regimes

Zhanni Wu

Cody Scarborough

Anthony Grbic

Non-hermitian time evolution: from static to parametric instability

A. Bossart

R. Fleury

Temporal boundaries in electromagnetic materials

Jonathan Gratus

Rebecca Seviour

Paul Kinsler

Dino A. Jaroszynski

Time reversal of waves and selective spectral hole burning by dissipation pulses

Samuel Hidalgo

Surabhi Kottigegollahalli


Maxime Harazi

Vincent Bacot

Mathias Fink

Emmanuel Fort

Alvaro Cassinelli

Matthieu Labousse

Ultra-Broadband Stochastic Resonance of Light Enabled by Memory Effects in the Nonlinear Response

K.J.H. Peters

Z. Geng

K. Malmir

J.M. Smith

S.R.K. Rodriguez

A Novel Boundary Condition for Spatially-Discrete Traveling-Wave Modulation

C. Scarborough

A. Grbic

Photonic modal circulator using temporal refractive-index modulation with spatial inversion symmetry

Jiahui Wang

Jason Herrmann

Jeremy Witmer

Amir H. Safavi-Naeini

Shanhui Fan

Artificial Magnetism In Periodic Time-Varying Media

C. Rizza

G. Castaldi

V. Galdi